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Name Date of Birth Place of Birth
Nanbu Trata ? Yamagata
Sango Jugo ? Ibaragi
Gyuzo ? Tochgi
Danna Koyanagi ? Niigata

Japan's wildest export "The Tokyo Shock Boys" (called in Japanese "Dengeki network") are the only Japanese comedians with a world-wide audience. The boys have thrilled and delighted audiences in Japan, Australia, India, England, Scotland, Germany, Netherland, Denmark and recently have finished an Off-Brodway run in New York.

The Boys are composed of four people, Nambu-Torata, Sango-Jyugo, Gyuzo, and Danna-Koyanagi. They formed in 1990. Three of the Boys, Gyuzo, Sango and Danna, met while working as roadies for Paul Macartney in Japan and then they all met Nambu while performing individually on one of Japan's notorious midnight variety TV shows that had a segment showcasting weired and gross acts.

At first, they were just a group of friends trying to entertain people with more unusual kind of acts. Then one day, Danna discovered that if he snored milk up his nose and sneezed, it would come out his eyes. They worked it into the act and many people, especially the TV network, loved it. Moreovere, they discovered many dangerous performance and worked for them. Soon their segment was the hightest rated part of the shows.

From there the challenges and and their fame grew until there is nothing The Boys won't try. In Japan they are big stars.

Althouh they perform on TV a lot in Japan, the Boys love performing live with many audience the most. "Our goal is to play all over the world. We're for sale" they exult, "But no discounts!"

Reference: Tokyo shock Boys, http://www.t-shock.com/

Reported by: Yasuhiro Takemoto
Data verified by: Masahiro Asakawa
Date of Report: November 1999
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