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Date Kimiko

Date of Birth 28 September 1970
Place of Birth Kyoto

Date Kimiko is a Japanese professional tennis player. She began to play tennis when she was 6 years old. She was found out at the junior high school tennis championship by Akira Mithukuni who was the manager of Sonoda high school which was famous for tennis.

In 1986, she won the All Japan Junior Championship and she was in the top four in the All Japan Championship in the following year. As a result, she began to attract public attention. At the same championship in 1988, she beat Etsuko Inoue who was one of the top professional players in Japan and became a professional herself.

She played an active part in a stage of the world, not only Japan. At the French Open which is one of the grandslam championships this year, she advanced to the semifinal matches, the first time for a Japanese woman. She leaped into fame all over the world because of the brilliant result. She succeeded in taking part in the top players of the world.

A French TV station broadcasted a feature program on her. She has very good eyesight and she can react to balls quickly. Her biggest weapon is her strong rising shot.

At the Wimbledon tennis tournament which was held after the French Open, Date advanced to the quarter final match. Now, her world ranking is 6th. It may be possible that she will become the top player of the world in the near future.

She stopped playing professional tennis in 1997 and now she teaches tennis to children. Her boyfriend is Bisumaruki who is soccer player.

References: "Tennis Magazine"

Reported by: Shinko Sawada
Data verified by: Mika Kamei
Date of Report: November 1995

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