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Real Name Oyamada Keigo
Date of Birth 27 January, 1969
Place of Birth Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Blood Type B

Cornelius got to know Ozawa Kenji when they were in junior high school, and made "Lollypop Sonic", a band which consisted of five members. After that, he made another band "Flippers Guitar" with Ozawa in 1989, and they released their first song "Three Cheers for Our Side". They broke up in 1991. Then, he became a producer, and produced an album "Bend it!". He has been producing songs for a lot of famous persons, such as Kahimi Karie and Pizzicate Five. He made his debut as Cornelius, a new project, in September 1993. He released his first album "The First Question Award" in 1994, second "69//96" in 1995. Now, we can hear his songs a lot on TV programs and commercials.

On TV, he usually wears a T-shirt, jeans, sneakers and a cap. He says he usually wears these almost all the time. His music and clothing style is called "Shibuya-kei".

Cornelius has already proved himself as a singer-song-writer and a producer for the Trattoria label. He will make many attractive songs in the future.He joined the "oota band" as drummer in1996.He released his 2nd album "96/69" in 1996. He released his 3rd album "FANTASMA" in 1997. In 2001 he released his 4th album "Point. 2002 is last year of his label "trattoria"

References: Gendai Nihonjinmeiroku, 1994

Reported by: Takagi Rie
Date of Report: November 1996

Data verified by: Tatsumi Masamichi
Updated by: Yosuke MurakamiOctober 1997
Updated by: Hironori YoshidaJuly 2002
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