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Date of Birth January 19, 1977
Place of Birth Okinawa

She made her minor debut as a singer on Dounce records on 21th November 1997. She performed at Yellow on 17th December. This was the first time she performed at this popular Tokyo venue since her debut.

At first, she was picked up in the U.S., and released her minor debut single on U.S.TOWER RECORDS in February. In addition, she performed at the South by South West music festival on 14th March. After the show, she received a lot of attention from the audience, the media, and people in the music industry.

Next, she released her major debut maxi single on Speedster Records on 21th March. She performed live at TOWER RECORDS SHIBUYA OPEN SPACE on 6th April. Over 1,000 people gathered, and this concert was broadcasted through InterFM and also through the multi-screan vision in Shibuya.

Her first album was released on Speedster Records on 21th May. This album went up to No.33 on the Japanese Oricon Chart. She made her first solo performance since her major debut at Shibuya Club Quattro in Tokyo on 20th July. She released her second single. This has sold over 250,000 copies as of March '98. She performed live at UMEDA HEAT BEAT on 6th December, at Akasaka Blitz on 12th December.

She performed for the second time at Sound By Southwest'98 as the headliner of "JAPAN NITE." on March 20, 1998. She released the 3rd single on March 21th and the 2nd album on May 13th.

She performed Cocco Live Tour '98 at Osaka Kouseinenkin Kaikan on August 17th, at Fukuoka Momochi Palace on August 19th, at Nagoya Kinrou Kaikan on August 22th, at Sapporo Zepp Sappro on August 26th, and at Tokyo Nihon Budokan on September 1th. She released the 4th single on October 7th.

Her real name is Tomoko Makishi. Her nickname is Acchan. Her favorite thing is a pink elephant stuffed doll. Her favorite motto is that you must eat fish if you want to fish, and you must fish if you want to eat them.

Count Down 21th March, 1997
The Strong and Ephemeral 20th July, 1997
Raining March 21th, 1998
Beyond the Way Clouds Go October 7th, 1998
Bougainvillea 21th May, 1997
KUMUIUTA May 13th, 1998

References: COCCO'S HOMEPAGE - www.cocco.co.jp

Reported by: Motoko Iida
Date verified by: Kayo Ikeda
Date of Report: November 1999
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