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Chihara Kyodai

Chihara Seiji Chihara Koji
Date of Birth January 25,1970 March 30,1974
Place of Birth Kyoto Kyoto

Chihara Kyodai is a famous comedian group in Osaka. They belong to the Yoshimoto-Kogyo company, which is the biggest theatrical agency of the Japanese comedy world. This company has a training school called NSC for people who aim at becoming comedians.

They have loved comedy since they were children. Seiji entered NSC as soon as he dropped out of high school, and he suggested that Koji do the same. In June 1989, they became an official team, and in that August, they made their first appearance at a NSC event. And then, they became popular step by step.

In 1992, they produced a stage event called "WACHACHALIVE". In this program, their fellow NSC students appeared with them being the emcees. They tried to make a program not only by them but also by audience. One innovation was to have the audience participate as judges. This was televised in the next year, and their program was popular among the Young.

Their material is based on family experiences and is created by Koji. It is enjoyed by people of all ages. In 1994, they won the prize for rising comedians of Kamigata Manzai.

They tried to expand their activities to cover all of Japan and started to appear on many TV program such as "Sunge! Best10", "Ame Jari Chihara" and "Push!". In 1997, they also appeared in the film "Kishiwada Shonen Gurenntai".

References: Nichigai-Associates

Reported by: Chiaki Makino
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