Famous People in Japan


Real Name Momoko Sakura
Age 9
Blood type A

Chibimaruko-chan is a very popular animated character. She is in the 3rd grade and she is called "Chibimaruko-chan" because she is short and she is a girl. Everyone calls her "Maruko" or "Maruchan". She is careless and lazy but sometimes good-natured. She likes to get up late but her mother often says that she is idle.

She has a lot of dreams. She wants to be a singer or an actress because she likes singing. She wants to travel all around the world. But her best dream is to be a cartoonist.

Chibimaruko-chan reminds us of Japan in the '70s.

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Reported by: Miharu Ochi
Data verified by: Kazue Tagata, Kanako Uchimura
Date of Report: August 13, 2001
Updated by: Hironori Yoshida July 2002

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