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Name Date of Birth
Douchin Yoshikuni Nov 11, 1978
Kawabata Kaname Jan 28, 1979

CHEMISTRY is composed of two men. One person is Douchin Yoshikuni who comes from a farming family. He's very handsome. The other person is Kawabata Kaname. He was an architect and has a nice character.

CHEMISTRY is a duo produced by a TV program called Asayan which auditions many singers. They had gained a lot of support before they made their debut. Afterwards they were very busy recording and it was a very hard time for them but they overcame numerous problems.

Their first single "Peaces of a Dream" sold very well. Their second single "Point of No Return" is also selling well. They have a high rank in the Oricon Hot Singles Chart. Their clear voices fascinate the people. Recently, they have been becoming more and more popular. They sometimes appear on "Utaban", "Music Station", "Hey! Hey! Hey!" and many other music programs.

References: Home page of Chemistry
Chemistry Official Online Fan Club
Reported by: Haruko Imoto, Maiko Kaneda
Data verified by: Megumi Taniguchi, Sayaka Kunriku
Date of Report: August 13, 2001
Updated by: Daisuke Goto, July 2002

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