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Name Koshi Inaba Takahiro Matsumoto
Date of Birth 23 September 1964 23 March 1961
Place of Birth Okayama Kanagawa

B'z is a pop music group. There are two members, whose names are Koshi Inaba and Takahiro Matsumoto. They made their debut about ten years ago and sold a lot of CD singles and albums. All of their songs are very good. At first, they were not famous. Little by little they sold more CDs. Now, they are very famous artists. All of their CDs sold at least one million . They are great.

Koshi Inaba writes the words. He is from Okayama. Takahiro Matsumoto is from Kanagawa. He sets the songs to music. Koshi Inaba is 34 years old. He graduated from university and got a math teacher license. Takahiro Matsumoto is 37 years old. At first, he played with Mari Hamada and TM NETWORK. In 1987, he made his solo debut with the album "Thousand Wave". After that, Koshi Inaba and Takahiro Matsumoto organized the group "B'z". They made their debut as B'z with the single CD "DAKARA SONOTE WO HANASITE" and the album CD "B'z". Takahiro Matsumoto plays the guitar. and Kohshi Inaba sings. They were becoming popular little by little. Their 6th single CD "Easy Come, Easy Go!" sold well. At that point they have become very popular suddenly. They sold a lot of single CDs and more than 10 albums. All CDs sold at least one million copies.

References: "The biographical dictionary(jinmei jiten)"

Reported by: Reiko Takaya
Data verified by: Hashizume Yasuko
Date of Report: July 1998

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