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Bonnie Pink

Name Asada Kaori
Date of Birth 16 April 1973
Place of Birth Kyoto

When she was student in Kyoto, her concert at her school festival became popular. She made her debut in 1995 with her first album, "Blue Jam". She is highly estimated among many female singers with her ability of write songs and her great voice. She belongs to Pony canyon Record Corporation.

She has released the maxi-single "Do You Crash?"produced by Tore Johansson at Tambourine studio in Sweden. She has worked with him since 1996. She appealed to various listeners with various kinds of music and analog sound in her 2nd album "Heaven's Kitchen".

She released her 3rd album "Evil and Flowers" that showed her aspect as a singer-song-writer. In 1999 Bonnie Pink will start with her new label.

Orange 2 October 1995
Heaven's kitchen 18 April 1997
It's Gonna Rain 18 June 1997
Forget Me Not 4 March 1998
Kingyo 20 May 1998
Surprise! 19 April 1996
Do You Crash? 20 September 1996
Inu To Tsuki 21 October 1998
Blue Jam 21 September 1995
Heaven's Kitchen 16 May 1997
Evil and Flowers 17 April 1998
Lie Lie Lie 19 September 1997


Reported by: Kayo Ikeda
Data verified by: Motoko Iida
Date of Report: November 1999
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