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Blankey Jet City

Name Instrument Date of Birth Place of Birth
Asai Kenichi Vocal & Guitar December 29, 1964 Aichi
Terui Toshiyuki Bass February 28, 1964 Aichi
Nakamura Tatsuya Drums January 4, 1965 Toyama

The end of eighties, Asai Kenichi was worrying. "Which is better, continuing a motorcycle gang or organizing a rock band." He chose a rock band. He went to Tokyo to seek members, and met Nakamura Tatsuya. Nakamura had been beating drums for many Japanese punk bands. Also Asai called on his acquaintance, Terui Toshiyuki. In the spring of 1990, Blankey Jet City was organized.

In 1990, they appeared on a television program, Ikasu Band Tengoku "Ikaten," which is a tournament for amateur bands. They won and became the sixth Grand "Ikaten" winner. After that, they signed with Toshiba EMI, and had a major debut.

They are also active abroad. In September 1994, they performed in London for the first time. In July 1995, they held live performances again in front of 2800 people in five places in the U.K. and did the same in New York and London in August, 1996.

Up to now, they have released 11 albums, 14 singles and five videos. They are already a success, but they are not satisfied with only Blankey Jet City. They organized their own distinctive groops, as well. Asai Kenichi organized "Sherbets," Terui Toshiyuki organized "Jim Spider" and Nakamura Tatsuya organized "Love Shop Losalios." On the one hand they are active as Blankey Jet City, on the other hand they are active in their own groups to do things which Blankey Jet City cannot do, they said. They will continue their innovation.

Released Albums
Guitar and the truth April 12, 1991
BANG! January 22, 1992
Live!!! September 30, 1992
C.B.Jim February 24, 1993
Metal Moon December 1, 1993
Shiawaseno Kane ga Narihibiki Boku wa
Tada Kanashii Furi wo suru
May 25, 1994
The SIX March 1, 1995
Skunk November 22, 1995
Love Flash Fever June 18, 1997
Kokkyousenjou no chou January 21, 1998
Romeo's Heart June 24, 1998

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Reported by: Takahisa Mizutani
Data verified by: Ken Nishimura
Date of Report: December, 1999
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