Famous People in Japan

Bandou Tamasaburou

Date of Birth 25 April 1950
Place of Birth Otuka-shi, Tokyo-to
Real Name Shinichi Morita

Bandou Tamasaburou is a famous kabuki actor who plays the parts of women. Because of his beauty he has a lot of fans. Lately he advanced to the field of a film and has succeeded admirably.

Bandou started to take Japanese dance lessons when he was 6 years old. In 1957 he was the name 'Bandou Kinogi', and in 1964 he succeeded to Bandou Tamasaburou's name, and became the adopted son of Morita Kanya who was a famous kabuki actor. He played some beautiful women and his part of 'Sakurahime' which has won the highest praise.

He is active not only in the field of kabuki but also in modern drama. In recent years, he teamed up with Kataoka Takao, and in 1986 they presented a play in Paris. In 1990 he established a private school called 'Yamatoya" which trains young players in Tokyo. In 1992 he shooted a movie,'Gekashitu' for the first time.

References: Shintei Gendai Nippongin Meiroku 1994 Vol 3 p1719

Reported by: Tomoe Yoshida
Data verified by: Maiko Akita
Date of Report: November 1995
Updated by:Yuki NakazuMay, 1998