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Place of Birth The Germ Planet

Baikinman is a character from the animation "Anpanman". He comes from the Germ Planet. He wants to defeat Anpanman and to change the Anpanman world into a world filled with germs.

He first appeared in the video '90-No 2. "Anpanman and Baikinman". Since this story, he always plans his strategy to defeat Anpanman. He can make Anpanman's face dirty which makes Anpmanman lose his powers. But every time, "Jam-Ojisan" and "Batakosan" (and "Cheese") help Anpanman. So Baikinman is always beaten.

Baikinman is a genius scientist because he can make the Baikin UFO and many robots and machines. He can also fly using his small wings (wonderful !). He likes delicious dishes and pretty girls. He hates clean things and to take baths. If Baikinman is like this, when on earth can he defeat Anpanman ?

References: to be announced.

Reported by: Maki Asai, Reiko Ito, Maki Inaba
Data verified by: Ryoko Kamimura, Kaori Uramoto
Date of Report: August 13, 2001

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