Famous People in Japan

Atoda Takashi

Date of Birth January 13, 1935
Place of Birth Tokyo

Atoda Takashi is one of two famous Japanese short-story writers (The other being Hoshi Shin'ichi).

After graduating from Waseda university, he worked at the National Library for 11 years. While he was working there, Atoda started to write columns in magazines and newspapers. To devote himself to writing, he then quit his job to work on mystery and science fiction novels.

It is said that his unique black humor developed new world in Japanese novels.

He made his debut with Reizoko yori ai wo komete (1953, Love From The Refrigerator). Atoda received the Award of the Mystery Writer's Association of Japan in 1979 for Raihousya (The Caller). In the same year he won the Naoki Prize for Napporeon kyo (1979, Napoleon Crazy).

His other works include the short-story collections such as "Yumehandan" (1983, Dream Judgment) "Atama wa boshi no tame ja nai" (1988, The Head Is Not Made For Wearing Hats), and "V no higeki" (The Tragedy of V).

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Reported by: Miyuki Suzuki
Date of Report: December 1997
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