Famous People in Japan

Asano Atsuko

Date of Birth 4 March 1956
Place of Birth Adachiku Tokyo

Atsuko is a cool actress and known as a woman who has worn beautiful long hair for a long time and looks best in jeans. She can portray a variety of characters from a funny character to a cool one. She appeals to women rather than men, I think.

She graduated from Yoyogi High School. Her real name is Atsuko Uozumi, for, in 1983, she got married to a copywriter, Mr.Uozumi.

In 1972, she made her debut in TV with "Fumiko to Hatsu" on TBS, and in movie with "Koukou Daipanikku" on 35 millimeter film in 1978. Then she achieved stardom with this one work "Surou na Bugi nishitekure", in 1983. She won the prize "Nippon Academy-Best Supporting Actress" with "Yougunrou" in 1989.

She always appears on popular dramas and in commercials where she acts wonderfully.

She is active in TV and movies now, but her private life is not widely known to the mass media, so she must spend a happy quiet life.

References: "Gendai Jinmei Jiten"

Reported by: Minoura Yumi
Data verified by: Takagi Rie
Date of Report: January 1997

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