Famous People in Japan


Name Date of Birth Place of Birth
Aiba Masaki 24 December 1982 Chiba
Matumoto Jun 30 August 1983 Tokyo
Ninomiya Kazunari 17 June 1983 Tokyo
Ohno Satoshi 26 November 1980 Tokyo
Sakurai Sho 25 January 1981 Tokyo

Arashi is a group consisting of five members. They were members of the group called "Johnney's Jr." before they started an entertainmant companey called "Johnney's." Johnney's Jr. still has not released their first CD.

Aiba, Matsumoto and Ninomiya belonged to a sub-unit inside Johnney's Jr. named 'MAIN', and they were active on TV and on stage before they made their CD debut. For example, they appeard in the play 'Stand by Me' in 1997. And they were active as a individuals in dramas and movies. We could see Aiba and Matsumoto in a movie, 'The group of boys detective in Shinjuku' and on a TV drama, 'Our courage -City for boys-', and Ninomiya played the leading part on the TV drama, 'Risky After school.' So three of them have been known by not only their fans but also by the general public.

Ohno is the leader of this group. He is very good dancer, and he took an active part in the show called 'Kyo To Kyo' for two years. That show had held in Kyoto until in 1998. When he was selected as a member of Arashi, many fans were surprised because they thought that he wasn't so sucessful inside Johnney's Jr., and was not treated well by the parent Johnney's entertainment company.

Sakurai was also popular among fans of the Johnney's, when he was a Johnney's Jr.. We could see him in a TV show 'MJ' and '8jida-J'. He is a good dancer, too, so he often appeared on TV shows such as "Music station" as a back dancer for KinKi Kids, SMAP, and V6.

They made their CD debut on 3 November 1999 as the image character for world cup volleyball. Their first single CD 'A RA SHI' already sold more than one million copies in about one week, and their CD got the foremost position on the Japanese music chart on 15 November. They held an event in memory of their debut on 3 November 1999 in Tokyo. About eighty thousand people came there, and they shook hands all around extending about eight and a half hours. They will hold more than 5000 people have repuested information by telephone or the Internet. However, they have never held a concert, so many fans look forward to seeing them.

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Reported by: Kanae Hata
Date of Report: December 1999

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