Famous People in Japan

Ando Yuko

Date of Birth 25 September 1958
Place of Birth Tokyo

Ando Yuko went abroad for study for a year when she was 16 years old. Then she entered Jyochi University in 1979.

She appeared on TV as a reporter when she was a student. After she graduated from university, she played an active part in as reporter and newsperson. She received many prizes about reports. She had interviews with many countries' prime ministers, and she appears on special programs about elections in Japan.

She is playing an active part in as the main caster on "News Japan". She appears on this program from Monday to Friday the night. She is famous as "The face of night ".

She also writes many books. The newest book she wrote is " She Can't Speak English ". This book is an essay about studying abroad when she was a high school student.

She is the envy of all women who aim to become a career woman. From now on she will run about the world for collecting data.

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Reported by: Miyuki Ozawa
Data verified by: Manami Tuji
Date of Report: November 1999
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