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Ando Ryoji

Date of Birth 8 November 1976
Place of Birth Osaka

Ando Ryoji was brought up in Osaka. After he graduated the university, he became an actor. He belongs to Watanabe Entertainment. Now, he appeared on the stage of dramas ("BUS STOP" from July to September in 2000, "Sekai-de Ichiban Atsui-natsu" from July to September in 2001, "Hamidashi-deka Jonetsu-kei" from October in 2001), movies ("GO-KON!" 2000), variety shows ("Odoru! Sanma Goten!" in 2001, "KOKORIKO Miracle Type" in 2001) and CM ("Kentuky Fried Chicken").

Now, he appears on the stage of the drama, "Hamidashi-deka Jonetsu-kei" He plays the part of a new figure police officer who works hard in the cause of justice. He suffers to speak standard langusge, because he brought up in Osaka.

He has close friends, "Robinhoot" (Saito Masahito and Kojima Akihiro) who are comedians. They also belong to Watanabe Entertainment. He made friends with them in his university days.


SAK-Robin, Ando, Tamagoyaki (private web site)
Watanabe Entertainment official web site

Reported by: Naomi Miyazaki
Data verified by: Misa Yoshikawa
Date of Report: November 2001

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