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Amuro Namie

Date of Birth 20 September 1977
Place of Birth Okinawa

Namie was born on September 20, 1977 in Okinawa, Naha city. She belonged to school for music and dancing when she was young. Then she was scouted for a singer.

In 1992 the music company "Toshiba EMI" of which Namie had been a member before she was a member of Avex Trax made a group named "Super Monkeys" The group consisted of five members. In the year they made a debut in the show business. First of all they wasn't popular at all, but more they released songs, more they become popular . Then Namie appeared on TV drama, "Ichigo-Hakusho" and "Tokiwo-kakero Shojo".

It was their chance that they released a single "Try Me". Releasing their next single "Taiyo no season", they arranged the name of their group "Namie Amuro with Super Monkeys"

It passed six years when they constituted their group, Namie left the Super Monkeys and became a solo career. The lest of members organized a new group "MAX". Namie has been produced by Tetsuya Komuro since she decided a solo. Namie also changed the company to Avex Trax. Namie turned into the big star, and she had her regular TV program "Ponkikkeys"

She has a good shape and looks good. Almost of all young girls want to be a Namie, so for example, what she wore made big sales.

In 1995 she appeared on TV "Kouhaku-Utagassen" which is a special TV program of New Year's Eve for the first time.

In 1997 Namie released a single "Can You Celebrate?" which was used as a TV drama song. Many people sing this as a wedding song. On October 22 Namie married SAM who is a member of TRF. His real name is Masaharu Maroyama. Namie had been taught dancing by him. They bought engagement rings for each other. Namie and her husband has admitted that she had been pregnant for three months then. She will bear her baby at the hospital which her husband's father manages. After her marriage she released "Dreaming I was Dreaming". From 1998 she'll take a rest for a year and stop temporarily her career.

Try Me January 1995
Taiyo No Season April 1995
Stop The Music July 1995
Body Feels Exit October 1995
Chase The Chance December 1995
Don't Wanna Cry March 1996
Yor're My Sunshine June 1996
Sweet 19 Blues August 1996
A walk In The Park November 1996
Can You Celebrate? Februaly 1997
How To Be A Girl May 1997
Dreaming I Was Dreaming November 1997
Can You Celebrate? December 25 1997
Sweet 19 Blues July 22 1996
Concentration 20 July 24 1997

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Reported by: Noe Kobayashi
Data verified by:Masahiro Amano
Date of Report: January 1998

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