Famous People in Japan

Akasaka Akira

Date of Birth 8 May 1973
Place of Birth Kunitachi

Akasaka was a member of "Hikarugenji" and "Hikarugenji Super5". From 1984-1986, he played the leading part in musical "Peter Pan".

In 1986, he joined the Junnies Office. And he made his debut as a member of "Hikarugenji". Their first single CD was 'Star Light'.

They wore a pair of roller skates. While they were singing, they skated on the stage. That was very new style. So they were very popular among the teenager.

They were awarded the Japan Record Grand Prize in 1988, and the Japan Pop Song Grand Prize in 1989. They have many hit songs. In July 1996, they dissolved "Hikarugenji Super5"

In December 1996, he made his debut as a solo "Look out". In 1997, he released his first album "The way to our promise".

He also plays an active part in the movies and dramas. And now he appears in a Japanese drama, 'Hotel' which was filmed in Hawaii.

References: "Jinmei Jiten"

Reported by: Uhara Aya
Data verified by: Nakanishi Miyuki
Date of Report: July 1998

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