Famous People in Japan

Akai Hidekazu

Date of Birth 17 August 1959
Place of Birth Osaka

Akai Hidekazu is a trendy actor now, but he was a boxer before.

He started boxing when he was a high school student, and he won the championship in Inter-High and Asia Junior championship.When he was attending Kinki University, he entered the professional world and made his debut. Since then, he won bouts by knock outs for twelve successive times. So he was called "Rocky in Naniwa".

In 1983, he challenged The World Junior-Welterweight Championship but he lost the game by KO, and after a three-game winning streak, he received a KO punch in the game against Yamato Masaharu and was seriously injured with cerebral bleeding. Though at one time it was feared that he would lose his life, he recovered miraculously, but he had to retire from boxing. After that, he became a coach at boxing club in his old school, Kinki University.

The results of his coaching have yielded nineteen wins only two losses, and sixteen KOs.

In 1987, he turned from boxer to actor. He played the leading role in a movie depicted his boxer life, "Dotsuitarunen", and he won an award for Best New Actor.

Now, he appears in some commercials and dramas. He is a typical man who lives manly, so he is popular with not only girls but also boys.

Reported by: Kumiko Okumura
Data verified by: Akiko Kaneshita
Date of Report: November 1995

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