Famous People in Japan

Akahoshi Norihiro

Date of Birth 10 April 1976
Place of Birth Aichi

Akahoshi Norihiro led his team, Ofu High School to Koshien Stadium twice. He was a fast runner and the spectators were excited by his base running.

However, he could not become a professional baseball player, so he entered Asia University and he continued playing baseball. He contributed to spring-and-summer successive victories when he was senior.

He failed to become a professional baseball player again, so he joined JR East Japan and he countinued playing baseball for them. He led his team the intercity participation for the first time in nine years in 1999.

His played well, so he was chosen as a member of the Sydney Olympic team. He participated with Hanshin Tigers training camp as all Japanese team members and this helped him be nominated for the draft. He fought against outstanding players in the Olympics and grew stronger. In the autumn of 2000, he was elected by Hanshin Tigers as their 4th draft choice.

He played an active part from his 1st year, and he won the rookie of the year,and was the leader in the number of bases stolen in Central League, and awarded Golden Glove Award.

References:Akai Tora no Hoshi

Reported by: Tetsuya Kobayashi
Data verified by: Masafumi Nakano
Date of Report: December 2001

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