Famous People in Japan

Akagawa Jiro

Date of Birth 29 February 1950
Place of Birth Fukuoka City

Akagawa Jiro is famous as young mystery author, and there is a lot of fans around him. A special feature of his work was full of youthful sense and humor.

He was born in Fukuoka. After he graduated from Doho High School, he started to work as an office worker. While he was working, he wrote novels and scenarios. In 1976, he got a prize, "Ouru Yomimono Kaiki Shousetsu Shinjin" Awards. In 1978, he quit his job, and started to devote himself to writing. In 1980, with his work called "Akuzuma ni sasageru Requiem"(" Requiem for a Bad Wife"), he won the Kadokawa Novel Award. In 1982, according to writer's earning, he was a second richest man in Japan. In 1985, "Joyaku no inai getsuyobi"(" No Superior on Monday"), was recommended for the Naoki Award.

His work is full of clever ideas and styles, especially "Mikeneno Homes"(" A Tortoise Shell Cat Homes") series are typical of his work.

In his most important work there are many interesting stories, fFor example "Marionetto no wana," "Tanntei monogatari" and "Yuurei rettsha" References:"Fuyu no tabibito"( "Traveler in the winter") written by Jiro Akagawa

Reported by: Mikako Mizutani
Data verified by: Akane Kodama
Date of Report: November 1995
Updated by: Makoto Yamamaoto, May 1998

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