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Date of Birth 22 November 1975
Place of Birth Osaka

Aiko's real name is Aiko Yanai. She is a singer song writer. She is loved by everyone as she is very small and cute. Her height is 152 cm and her shoe size is 21.5 cm.

She began to play the piano when she was 3 years old. She was too small to reach the keyboard at that time, so she started to practice with paper keyboards.. She established a band when she was a high school student. She copied and played "SYONEN KNIFE" and "THE COLLECTORS "' in her band. However, the group broke up when she graduated.

She entered Osaka Music Junior College. She studied singing there. She got the best award of the "TEEN'S MUSIC FESTIVAL" when she was a university student. After graduation, she got some prizes and she became a radio personality of FM-OSAKA "COUNT DOWN KANSAI TOP 40', MBS "POPPUN OUKOKU", MBS 'YANTAN MUSIC MAX', FM-OSAKA 'BABY PEANUT'. FM-OSAKA's "COUNT DOWN KANSAI TOP 40" is on air now, and she has another radio program, "aiko's @llnightnippon. com" now.

In 1998, she released her first single "Ashita" at last. This song was used as a movie song and her first live performance"LOVE LIKE POP!" was held in September.

In 1999, she appeared on TV "Music Station" at last after she released some singles and album.

Ashita July 17, 1998
Nakimushi March 3, 1999
Hanabi August 4, 1999
Kabutomushi November 17, 1999
Sakuranotoki February 17, 2000
Boyfriend September 20, 2000
Chiisanamaruikouzitsu April 21, 1999
Sakuranokinoshita March 1, 2000

References: aiko's homepage

Reported by: Keiko Morita
Data verified by: Minako Shibata
Date of Report: October 2000
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