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Date of Birth 3 February 1977
Place of Birth Nagoya

ACO is a Rhythm & Blues singer. R&B is becoming very popular in Japan.Some other famous R&B singers are UA and chara.

When she was a high school student in Nagoya, she sent an original tape with an accompanying letter to an office that she belongs now. It was an opportunity she debut. After she graduated high school, she went to Tokyo.

She went to England to record first single " Huannano" . After she came back to Japan, she sang at many " live house ", such as Metoro in Kyoto i n 1995, Apollo in Tokyo in 1996 Club Dawn in Osaka in 1996 and so on. She also performed at school festival in Nagoya and Tokyo.

The opportunity that she was known well is the latest hit song "Grateful Days" with Dragon Ash. She is very popular because she pronounce English like a native. . Her voice is clear and beautiful, so people are fascinated.

In 1999, Aco released single " Yorokobi ni saku hana" which was used as TV drama song. The drama's title was " Suna no ueno koibito-tati". This song is very difficult to sing .

She has a very good sense of fashion and looks is good. Many young girls want to be ACO. We are looking forward to her future.

Huannano November 1995
Deteoide January 1996
Home sweet home September 1996
Drop May 1997
Yurerutaion December 1997
Yawarakaikaze August 1998
Lady Soul-limitted edition- August 1998
Aisyuutobaraado January 1999
Aishitaanatawatuyoihoto July 1999
Yorokobinisakuhana November 1999
Kittenish Love April 21, 1996
NUDE April 21, 1997
Lady Soul September 9, 1999
absolute ego-limited edition- November 27, 1999
absolute ego December 15, 1999

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Reported by: Tomoko Tanida
Date of Report: November 1999
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