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  1. Introductions of Yamada seminar (In Japanese)

  2. on the Computer Programs for Economic Analysis, YSCP  → What means YSCP ?

  3. YSCP test (In Japanese)

  4. How to get YSCP (In Japanese)

  5. Katsuhiro Yamada (In Japanese. But, you can find photos.)

  6. Seminar members of Yamada seminar
  7. Alumni board (In Japanese)

  8. Bulletin board(In Japanese)

  9. Book < Principles of Economics> written by Katsuhiro Yamada

  10. Information Technology

  11. ORC(1)  ←population pyramid

  12. ORC(2)  ←ORC DP#5

  13. ORC(3)  ←ORC DP#10

  14. ORC(4)  ←population pyramids of Japan 1920-2055

  15. ORC(5)  ←essay

  16. ORC(6)  ←simple forcast sheets of Japanese population

  17. Report of meeting 2009.6.14  ←resume

  18. 'An Economic Analysis Using Spectrums of Population Waves',June 2010  ←article (abstract in English)

 19. A simulation Analysis of the Arc Elasticity ―An example of comparison between discrete and continuous concepts, March 2014 ←article (abstract in English)

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What is YSCP?

YSCP stands for Yamada Seminar Computer Programs. It is designed for understanding of various economic analyses and CAI for principles of macro economics . This software is developed by Katsuhiro Yamada using VB6. Now, we have the Japanese edition of YSCP Ver 3.21. YSCP in English edition will be developed in future.

YSCP includes

  1. CAI for macroeconomic model
  2. TNX regression analysis
  3. TNX regression analysis data input
  4. mean and variance calculation and hypothesis testing
  5. CAI for normal distribution and hypothesis testing
  6. insurance mathematics
  7. CAI for linear programming
  8. simplex method
  9. transportation problem
  10. game theory
  11. elasticity analysis
  12. population analysis
  13. time series analysis ( spectral analysis )
  14. interpolation
  15. factorial function
  16. transformation of dimension
  17. date problem -Julian date
  18. alarm watch
  19. typing test
  20. memory test
  21. program for introducing seminar members
  22. about author

Please inform me if you are interested in YSCP.


Thank you for reading.

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