Famous People in Japan

Yoshikawa Hinano

Date of Birth 21 December 1979
Place of Birth Tokyo

"Hinano" is her real name. It's the name of a big white flower in Tahiti. Her father gave her that name. It's very cute.

Though she was just an ordinary girl who was a tomboy, she was scouted for a model in July, 1993, in Ginza. The reason was she has really good proportions. She is 168 centimeters tall with charming big eyes and long legs. Her face (from the top of her head to her chin) is only 19 centimeters! Her trademark is very long straight hair and bangs. She became popular in an instant. Of course, she appeared on the cover of a lot of magazines and appeared in fashion shows.

Her first photographic album, "Hinano" was published in 1995. Since then, other photographic albums have also been published.

She began to appear on TV, commercials, variety shows, dramas, and movies. She made her debut as a singer in May 16, 1997. The song was produced by Fujii Fumiya who is a famous singer. The name of the song was "Haatogatanonamida" (Tear in the Shape of a Heart).

In February 24 , 1999, she got married to IZAMU who is the vocalist of SHAZNA, (Japanese rock group). She was only 19 and he was 27 years old. His trademark is long hair and dressing like a woman! The media reported they were an unusual couple.

On September 29 of that year, however, she divorced him. They said it was too diffcult to continue their marriage life because their jobs were too busy. They were married only 7 months.

Haatogatanonamida May 16, 1997
Usagichyan Say Good Bye August 6, 1997
Hot Milk March 4, 1998
One More Kiss April 17, 1998
Mellow Pretty April 7, 1999
I am pink May 20, 1998

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Reported by: Tomomi Kintani
Data verified by: Yuri Yamamoto
Date of Report: December 2000
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