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Yamazaki Masayoshi

Date of Birth 23 December 1971
Place of Birth Shiga

Yamazaki Masayoshi is a musician and also an actor. His nickname is Masayan. He started to listen to blues music when he was 18 years old, and he began to play the guitar in earnest. Before then he played the drums.

When he was 19 years old, he had an actor's audition (at first he wanted to be an actor), and his manager had an eye on him. In 1993 a music producer recognized his ability, and Masayan went to Tokyo and started to perform live in Sakuragi-cho while working a part-time-job. He made some live performances, joined some recordings as a studio musician, sang some TV commercial songs and organized recording sessions with various artists steadily. He started his own recording and his own live performances gradually.

In 1995 his first single "Tsukiakari-ni-terasarete" (Lighten By Moonlight) was released and adopted as the theme of Sezon Credit Card commercial song. In 1997 he played the leading character in the movie "Tsuki-to-kyabetsu" (Moon And Cabbage). He also produced the theme song and the soundtrack. The theme song his fourth single "One more time, One more chance". It was released and made a great hit. He became famous from it.

He mainly plays the guitar and blues-harp, but also he can play many other instruments. His first album CD "Stereo" is completely produced by himself. He played the all instruments which were used in every song of the CD.

He loves blues music. His favorite musician is Blind Boy Fuller, Robert Johnson and Alumna James. They have a great influence on him.

Tsukiakari-ni-terasarete (Lighten By Moonlight) September 25, 1995
Chuka-ryori (Chinese Food) February 25, 1996
Celery September 1, 1996
One more time, One more chance January 22, 1997
Adrenalin May 8, 1997
Furimukanai (Don't Look Back) October 22, 1997
Mizu-no-nai-suisou (Aquarium Without Water) May 13, 1998
Boku-ha-koko-ni-iru (I Stand Here) November 11, 1998
Passage October 14, 1999
Yawarakai-tsuki (Soft Moon) February 16, 2000
Ashita-no-kaze (Tomorrow's Wind) July 5, 2000
Allergy-no-tokkouyaku (Specific Remedy For allergy) April 1, 1996
STEREO November 4 1996
HOME May 21, 1997
STEREO 2 November 27, 1997
Domino December 23 1998
SHEEP November 26, 1999

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Reported by: Kumiko Onishi
Data verified by: Mayumi Ishikawa
Date of Report: December 24.2000
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