Tomomi and Yuki

Kahara Tomomi and "Yuki" are famous singers. Both of them have become very popular with young girls these days. Most of their songs have become hits and are sung at Karaoke by many people. However, even though Komuro Tetsuya produced the songs for both of them, they are not similar.

Tomomi was born in Tokyo and she sang as an "idol" some years ago. However she changed her policy and became more popular. On the stage, she usually sings by herself, but sometimes with Komuro Tetsuya. All of her songs are ballads, so she does not dance. Also, her character matches her songs.

On the other hand, Yuki was born in Osaka, and she made a group, "TRF" with two men and two women. Their songs have a quick tempo and are for dancing. They always dance hard on the stage. They are very good dancers.

I hope Tomomi and Yuki will become more active in their respective fields!!

Reported by: Hiromi Toyama