Two Big Stars In Japan

Although the big stars Matsuda Seiko and Yamaguchi Momoe are similar in many ways, they also have important differences. Both stars are very famous singers, and they are idolized by several millions of adoring fans in Japan. In addition, they also got married with famous actors in their early twenties.

Yet their differences are even more striking. While Seiko returned to do her work after childbearing, Momoe retired from show business completely because of her marriage. Seiko makes herself up like a super-model, and she often gets involved in scandals. In 1996, she conquered the U.S.A. music scene with her second release which sold surprisingly well, and she is getting more and more popular there, too.. On the other hand, Momoe is a modest, homelike, and takes good care of her two sons. She is often discussed in the media, but she never talks to reporters.

Reported by: Hiroko Mochizuki