Famous People in Japan

Oobayashi Motoko

Date of Birth 5 July,1967
Place of Birth Tokyo

When she was thirteen, she began volleyball. She was effected by animated cartoon "Attack NO,1". At first, she had complex that she had been very tall before starting volleyball. But she used it as her weapon well.

When she was fifteen years old, she was selected as All-Tokyo Junior High School Volleyball team.

While she was in Jissen High School which is famous for volleyball, and she participated All Japan Team. When she was twenty-one years old, she took part in Olympics in Seoul. Her dream was to take part in Olympic from her childhood. Since then, in Barcelona, in Atlanta she appeared on the Olympic stage for three times running. Especially, in Atlanta Olympic, she carried on the back Japanese volleyball world.

In 1997, she retired from life as a volleyball player which had continued for seventeen years. After then, she has been active in sports caster. She was full of forward looking power always. Also, as a "talent",she belongs to the Horipuro, a talent agency, so she is very busy. And she takes an active part in Super model because of her height.

This autumn, she is going to make her debut first appearance on TV drama. This is her first attempt at acting.

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Reported by: Yukari Uno
Data verified by: Hiroko Oohashi
Date of Report: January 2002

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