News About Obuchi (His Reputation)

In Japan

July 25th, 1998 by Asahi Newspaper

The people are disappointed at the result that Obuchi became the Prime Minister. If the public opinion was taken into consideration, or if a referendum was held, he would never be chosen. Although Obuchi is the President of the biggest faction of LDP., he does not have much result. In addition, he is not popular. His only good point is that he knew his unableness, and he tried to get excellent people for supplement.

August 2nd from the Poll by Asahi Newspaper

"Prime Minister Obuchi got the worst popularity."

Rates of people who support Obuchi Cabinet -----------32%
Rates of people who do not support Obuchi Cabinet---47%


July 27th, 1998 by Newsweek page 29

" Keizo Obuchi , who is considered remarkably dull, even by the stodgy standard of senior Japanese politician... knows nothing about running economy ; his special talent is campaign fund-raising (much of which is done at the eight exclusive golf clubs which he belongs)"

*Inside and outside Japan, he got quite but reputation. However, since he got the most responsible job in Japan, he must do his best. He has a heavy duty to revive the economy. It is crucially important not only for Japan but also for all over the world. Good Luck!