Famous People in Japan


Name Date of Birth Place of Birth
Takashi Okamura 3 July 1970 Osaka
Hiroyuki Yabe 23 October 1971 Osaka

Ninety-nine is one of the most famous comedian teams in Japan. Their performances are very popular among any people.

Ninty-nine consists of two people. Okamura Takashi is a funny and small guy and Yabe Hiroyuki is a dull guy and taller than Okamura. Okamura's role is "boke" and Yabe's role is "tsukkomi".

They went to the same high school and belonged to the soccer club, but they were not the same grade. This is how they first met.

They were awarded a new star prize in Prize of Blue Ribbon in 1996. Also they got three more prizes: a new star contest of Imamiya Kodomo Ebis in 1991, Grand Prix of ABC Owarai Shinjin in 1992 and Prize of Kamigata Owarai in 1993.

After that, they have six TV programs; Guruguru Ninety-nine, Jungle TV Tamori-no Housoku, Mechamecha Iketeru!, Nainaina, ASAYAN and ABCDE-su. They are very active in public entertaining.

References: The television No.1, 1998

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Reported by: Kayo Igarashi
Data verified by: Tomoko Hibana
Date of Report: October 1998

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