Two Popular Singers

Amuro Namie and Kahara Tomomi are two of the most popular singers in Japan. Their songs are produced by Tetsuya Komuro, so Namie and Tomomi are called the members of the "Komuro Family". They have a lot of fans, especially young girls. They are slender and have good figures and long hair. All their CD singles were sold well, and their songs are sung a lot in "karaoke boxes".

Although they have long hair, theirs are different. Namie has brown hair which suits with her brown skin, while Tomomi has black hair and white skin. Many young girls cut their hair like hers, make up like her, and wear clothes like her.

Namie always dances to the music while she sings songs. Tomomi sings songs, but doesn't dance. Tomomi declares that Tetsuya is her lover. Namie never talks about her love. Namie and Tomomi have many similarities and differences, but they both charm us.

Reported by: Rie Takagi