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Member's Name Date of Birth
Maki Watase Feburuary 22nd
Tatsuya Hirakawa February 27th
Masanori "Cherry" Koyanagi October 23rd
Tomohisa Kawazoe January 30th

LINDBERG is a Japanese rock band. They got together in September of 1988, and their first song was "Route 246" on the album "LINDBERG 1". These two were released the same day on April 25th of 1989. They are famous for songs like "Believe in Love" "Imasugu Kiss Me" and so on.

There are four members in the band; Maki Watase, Tatsuya Hirakawa, Masanori "cherry" Koyanagi, and Tomohisa Kawazoe. Maki Watase is the vocalist. Tatsuya Hirakawa plays the guitar. Masanori "cherry" Koyanagi is the drummer. Tomohisa Kawazoe plays the bass guitar.

At first, Maki Watase sang as a solo singer with a support band, but she felt that her sound was far from that which she wanted. Then she met Tatsuya Hirakawa. They had same ideas about music, so they wanted to organize a band which could express their sound. Six months later, in August 1988, Tatsuya invited Tomohisa to play in their band. Finally, Tomohisa invited Masanori to their band, and they organized LINDBERG.

Their band was named LINDBERG for Charles Lindbergh who succeeded in the first solo flight of the Atlantic Ocean in his propeller plane. The concept of their band is to alway be progressive and original.

Five years ago, there was a rumor that Maki Watase would marry, and they might break up. Yetthey are still together and performing. Maki Watase did marry Tatsuya Hirakawa, however.

They have released 17 albums (including mini albums), 30 singles, and 10 video tapes as far as I know.

This year (1998) is their 10th anniversary, so they started the "SWEET 10 DYNAMITE" tour. They play 2 days at every concert hall, a sweet night and a dynamite night. On the sweet night, they sing their love ballads mainly, and on the dynamite night, they sing their up tempo songs mainly. Their concerts are very exciting and interesting, so I recommend seeing them at least once.

Maki Watase and Tomohisa Kawazoe sometimes play alone. Maki Watase released two solo albums, and Tomohisa Kawazoe released one solo album.

They are still singing, and their songs give us energy. Their flight will continue.


Reported by: Shirakawa Ryoji
Data verified by: Kunishita Yuji
Date of Report: July 1998

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