Famous People in Japan

Kitano Takeshi
(Beat Takeshi)

Date of Birth 18 January 1947
Place of Birth Tokyo


Kitano Takeshi was born on January 18, 1947 in Tokyo. He debuted with Beat Kiyoshi as "Two Beat", and he married in 1978. In 1981, the TV program "Oretatihyoukinnzoku"started and he played "Takechanman". He established his office "Office Kitano" in 1987.

In 1989,he debuted as a movie director at "Sono Otoko Kyoubounituki". In 1994,he had a traffic accident and made a come back in 1995. In 1997,his movie "Hanabi" received the Venice International Film Festival award.

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Reported by: Takefumi Matsumura (Hokkaido Tokai University)
Data verified by: Keiya Mitsui
Date of Report: September 2002

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