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Name Date of Birth Place of Birth
Nanba ??? Tokyo
Ken ??? ???
Akira ??? ???

Hi-standard is a Japanese band playing live performances worldwide. Their music is melodic punk rock. Punk music is out of date., but, theys are up to date. Their live act always heats up. At the least some of the audience will be moved on account of this live performance.

When they were the high school students, Hi-standard was formed by Nannba (bass,vocal), Tuneoka(drums), Yokoyama (guitar, vocal). First, they released the album, "Glowing Up" in 1996. This album was acquired the American audience. The sound of this album is very heavy and speedy.

They released the second album, "Angry Fist" in 1997. The sound of this album is based on American rock music. Afterwards they began to go on European tour with NOFX, a famous band of America and Hi-standard respects them.

Finaly, they released the third album, "Making the Road" from their label, Pizza of Death Records in 1999. Pizza of Death Records is their own label. This album broke into the Japanese best ten, because the sound of this album is very pop. They play not only punk rock but also world music.

Now , they are the Japanese No.1 rock band and appear on the Air jam 2000. The Air jam is the best Japanese festival. They are the producers of this festival.

References: Their three CDs

Reported by: Kei Kohara
Data verified by: Kei Kohara
Date of Report: october 2000
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