Famous People in Japan

Harada Masahiko

Date of Birth 9 May 1968
Place of Birth Hokkaido

Harada Masahiko is a special ski jumper. He began to ski when he was 8 years old. When he was junior high school student, he joined the world junior championship. He was the first Japanese to join it.

After he graduated from Tokai Dai-Yon High school, he got a job with the Yukijirushi ("Snow Brand") Company. After that he got 8 wins in total in the world cup.

In 1994 February 2, in Lillehammel, in the trial of team in jump, he could not jump well. He failed. So Japan did not get a gold medal. He was made a fool of by everyone. He was called "Stall Of the Century". He went through hardship. Sometimes, he tried to give up jumping. But his family supported him. He smiled and smiled, hiding his bitter feeling.

For years later he won tne Bronze Medal in the Nagano Olympics in the Large Hill event on February 15. And two days later in the group trial, in 2 trials, at first, his first jump was the worst of all jumpers because of the bad weather. But on the second trial, his jump length was 137 meters. And at last, Japan got a gold medal. He cried and cried. He could not stop crying because of joy. And Harada was a hero in Nagano.

References: "Nagano ni moeta" published by Sankei Sports

Reported by: Junko Ageki
Data verified by: Takeno Miyuki
Date of Report: July 1998

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