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Dragon Ash

Name Kenji Furuya Makoto Sakurai Ikuzo Baba DJ BOTS
Date of Birth February 9, 1979

February 7, 1979

November 1, 1965 May 30, 1978

Position Vocal,Guitar


Bass Turntable

Kenji Furuya (VO,G)produces all their music and songs. The works of Dragon Ash shows his feeling and life. Makoto Sakurai (Dr.) has been a friend of Kenji since junior high school. He is good at heavy drumming. Ikuzo Baba(B) has been a bassist for 10 years. DJ BOTS (Turntable) has taken part in Dragon Ash before he became a member of Dragon Ash in 1999. He has been a friend of Kenji since high school.

Dragon Ash debuted on 21 February 1997. Their first maxi album was "The Day dragged on". Their first album "Mustang!" has essences of hip hop and rock'n roll. Kenji said that they were changing and changing.

The Day dragged on February 1997
Mustung! November 1997
BUZZ SONGS September 1998
Viva La Revolution July 1999
Rainy Day And Day October 1997
Hiha Matanobori Kurikaesu May 1998
Undere Ages Song July 1998
Free Your Mind December 1998
Let yourslf go, Let myself go March 1999
Grateful Days May 1999
I Love HIP HOP May 1999

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Reported by: Hirohisa Taguchi
Data verified by: Takashi Shimamura
Date of Report: November 1999
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