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The Brilliant Green

Name Date of Birth Place of birth
Kawase Tomoko 6 February 1975 Kyoto
Matui Ryo 11 February 1972 Kyoto
Okuda Shunsaku 11 July 1971 Kyoto

The brilliant green is one of the most famous musical groups in Japan. Their songs are very popular especially among young people.

The brilliant green consists of three people: Kawase Tomoko who is the vocalist, Matui Ryo, the guitarist, and Okuda Shunsaku, the bassist. Tomoko's nickname is Tommy. She always behaves naturally, so she is loved by many people. She is a little childish. She likes cartoon characters as Doraemon and Pikachu and Elmo.

Ryo's nickname is Ryo-kun or Matui.. He likes public baths. Shunsaku's nickname is Shunchan. He is the leader of the brilliant green. He likes driving his car. Shunsaku and Ryo went to the same high school and were classmates. They met Tomoko in a live house, when they were scouting for a vocalist.

They formed the band "the brilliant green" in 1995. They released their first single "GREEN WOOD DIARY" in 1997. That year they also released another single "good bye and good luck".

In 1998, they released their third single "There will be love there-ainoarubasho" and fourth single 'Tumetaihana" and first album "the brilliant green" . The third single was the theme song of a drama "Love Again". Many people heard their song on TV , so this song made a hit (more than one million singles were sold) and them became famous. That year, they had first tour. Many people sang 'There will be love there-ainoarubasho" when they went to karaoke.

The next year, they released many singles "Sonospeedde","Nagaitameikinoyouni" ,"Ainoainohosi". "CALL MY NAME", "BYE! MY BOY!".The brilliant green released an album "TERRA 2000", too. That year they released their tenth single, "Hello Another Way-sorezorenobasho-".

This year they released their eleventh single "Angel Song-Ibunokane-". This was the theme song of the drama "Manatuno Merry Christmas". This song sold well.

BYE BYE MR.MUG September 1997
GOOD BYE GOOD LUCK December 1997
There will be love there-ainoarubasho May 1998
Tumetaihana August 1998
Sonospeedde January 1999
Nagaitameikinoyouni Match 1999
Ainoainohoshi August 1999
CALL MY NAME September 1999
BYE! MY BOY! December 1999
Hello Another Way-sorezorenobasho- May 2000
angel song-ibunokane- November 2000
The brilliant green September 19, 1998
TERRA 2001 September 8, 1999

References: The brilliant green Sugao No Melody (published by Rokusaisya)

Reported by: Minako Shibata
Data verified by: Keiko Morita
Date of Report: December 2000
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