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Date of Birth 9 December 1975
Place of Birth Kyoto

She was named "Bird" by her producer, Shinichi Osawa, because her hair style looks like a nest of a bird. She was interested in singing since she was a university student. She belonged to a club of a popular music as a vocalist when she was a university student. She had a remarkable singing ability, and her voice attracted everyone.

She had sung with a piano trio at JAZZ CLUB in Osaka after she graduated from the university. She met Osawa there for the first time. He was fascinated by her voice and her remarkable singing ability as soon as he heard her sing. He decided to make her a professional singer.

Her debut was March 20th in 1999 with the single CD "SOULS". People thought highly of this CD. Her second single CD "BAETS" had got overwhelming support by nation-wide FM radio listeners. This CD single obtained a reputation for her. Her first album is "Bird". The sales of this album was more than 700,000 copies. She won the Japan Gold Disc Award for a New Artist in 1999.

Many people put a high value on her live performance. Her concerts tickets were sold out in a day. In 1999, she had eight concerts in live houses. They all went well.

She is playing an active part in the music world now. She often appears on television. We can see her not only at concerts but also on TV. We are looking forward to her future.

SOULS March 1999
BEATS June 1999
Kimi No Koe Ga Kikoelu Basyo E August 1999
Sora No Hitomi October 1999
Michiteiku Kuchibilu December 1999
SOULS (Peach Bossa Mix) January 2000
GAME April 2000
Oasis September 2000
Bird July 23, 1999
Bird Limited Silver Edition November 10, 1999

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Reported by: Mayumi Ishikawa
Data verified by: Yumi Nomura
Date of Report: December 2000
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