Famous People in Japan

Akashiya Samma

Date of Birth 3 July 1955
Place of Birth Wakayama

He is a great entertainer and a actor on TV still now. He was born on July 1, 1955 in Wakayama. When he was a high school student, he became an apprentice to an comedian. He fell in love with a girl in his class and quit being an apprentice to run away with her. They lived together but she thought he could not become a great entertainer because of her. She left him. He apologized to his master and he became an apprentice to him again.

He was very popular in the Kansai area and went to Tokyo. The program he appeared on, `Oretachi Hyokinzoku', was most popular among young people then. He produced many new characters. I didn't watch it very much and don't know much about it even now. I would like to watch it. I think he is the most popular TV performer. He has many programs each week. Each program is different from the other, but he makes people laugh out loud in every program. He makes people laugh one time every 10 seconds. In his program, `Sanma no manma', even if a guest is a boring person, his story makes the program so funny. His Kansai dialect is so interesting, too. I have not seen anyone who dislikes Sanma.

I watched Sanma's TV drama which I like very much. Its title is `Danjo 7 nin natsu monogatari'. I watched it once when I was an elementary school student. I was interested in it but I didn't know the title. I couldn't continue to watch it. When I was a junior high school student I could watch it in the early evening. Everyday I went home in a hurry to watch it. I enjoyed it. I thought his performance was wonderful.

He is appearing on a new TV drama now. His role is a lawyer. He divorced his wife when his daughter was 5 years old because his wife had an affair with another man. He left his wife and daughter. After some years his wife died and he began to live with his daughter. She was angry with him because she thought he had an affair with another woman and left. I think the role matched him perfectly. I'm going to watch it every week.

References: TV program "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" at 8pm on Sunday

Reported by: Tomari SEiko
Data verified by: Makino Shizu
Date of Report: July 1998

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